Kun Lbokator, traditional martial arts in Cambodia

 The martial art of Kun Lbokator dates back to the first century. Through self-defense techniques and a non-violent philosophy, it aims to improve practitioners' mental and physical strength and discipline. In addition to learning physical skills and techniques, Kun Lbokator also learns mental skills like how to respect nature and act appropriately in society. Masters, some of whom are thought to have healing and protecting powers, teach their apprentices about their roles in society so that, once they have mastered the necessary skills, they can stand up for justice and peace and protect disadvantaged communities and the natural environment. Along with elements like dance, music, and traditional medicine, Kun Lbokator is still actively performed as part of ritual offerings to local deities and in other festive events. An epitome of the nation's social, social and strict qualities, Kun Lbokator is broadly drilled among Cambodians, no matter what their age, orientation and instructive foundations or status.

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