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Kampong Speu is the Capital of the Cambodian Province of Kampong Speu. Although the name Kampong Speu actually refers to its palm sugar and wine, Speu is the Khmer word for starfruit. Tang Tonle Village and Ampe Phnom Village, So Por Tep Commune and Svay Kra Van Commune, Chbar Mon District, 48 kilometers from Phnom Penh, are the two natural and cultural resorts in this province. From there, turn left for two more kilometers.

The hotel has regular streams, particularly the greater Preaek Thnot Waterway, which has many enormous trees developing along it and the mountain foot, a shaking span connecting from Tang Tonle Town to Ampe Phnom Town. You might also see the old pagoda on a hill, which the Cambodian people use as a place of worship during traditional festivals. Tourists can enjoy swimming, walking the rocking bridge, and taking a break at the collages along the riverbank at Ampe Phnom.

Geography: Phnom Penh is to the west of Kampong Speu province. It borders Kampong Chhnang and Pursat toward the North, Phnom Penh toward the East, Kampot and Takeo toward the South and Koh Kong toward the West. The province is 7017 square kilometers in size.

The geology is variable, from an enormous area of swamp paddy fields in the east to marsh/upland mosaics and upland forested regions in the West. The Phnom Aural, Cambodia's highest mountain, is in the very north of this province. It is 1813 meters high. The province of Kampong Speu is categorized as rural.

Population as a whole: 762,500 people out of a total population of 14,363,519 in Cambodia, with 370,292 men and 392,208 women. The estimated population of 762,500 thousand people in 2006 included approximately 52% women. There are 392,208 women and 370,292 men. The people of Kampong Speu live in eight districts, each with 1358 villages and 87 communes. At the moment, the province has a population density of approximately 102 people per km2, whereas Cambodia's average population density is 75 people per km2.

Climate Change: The sun shines almost all year in Cambodia. The temperature hovers around 27 degrees Celsius on average; the base temperature is around 16 degrees. The hottest month is April, while the coldest months are December and January.

General information regarding the climate of the province:

- The wet season: May through October (26-34 degrees, with up to 90% humidity).

- The dry season: November to March (16-26 degrees Celsius): March through May (25 to 35 cents) Economy Rice, fruit, and fisheries make up the majority of Kampong Speu's economy. It is also known for its wine and well-known palm sugar. Rural households are especially dependent on agriculture and its subsectors.

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