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Banteay Meanchey is a Cambodian territory in the northwest of the nation, and its capital is named Sisophon. The town of Sisophorn is today a beguiling, calm spot that main gives clues to its tempestuous past upon closer assessment. Similar to Siem Reap and Battambang Provinces, the province has been in the hands of the Khmer Rouge and the central Phnom Penh government in recent decades, as well as Thais and Khmers in the past. The province and towns are attempting to rebuild their culture and economy following the Khmer Rouge's final demise; however, the locals strongly believe that the current national reconciliation is only a ruse by the Khmer Rouge.


The locals are genuinely pleased to see foreigners and the stability that comes with them, making it a very welcoming location. The Banteay Chhmar temple ruins, which are the only other Khmer temple ruins besides the Bayon (Angkor) and Preah Khan (Preah Vihear Province) that feature the famous four-faced monuments, are among the few attractions in the area that merit a visit. Although the area is typically just a passing-through spot on the way to the border or between Siem Reap and Battambang, it does have a few sights that are worth a

The Banteay Chhmar temple, which was built in the 12th and 13th centuries and is located in the north of the province, is the most well-known remnant of this part of the extensive Khmer empire. In the seventeenth century the Siam assumed command of Cambodia, and made the region of the advanced territory part of Sisophon Area. The region became part of Battambang Province when Siam was forced to cede control to the French in 1907. In 1988 the region Banteay Meanchey was separated from Battambang.

Cambodia Travel from Banteay Meanchey Province to Battambang Province Geography Banteay Meanchey is in the northwest of Cambodia. Battambang Province is the other province in Cambodia. It borders with Thailand toward the west and North, with Oddar Meancheay toward the North, with Siem Procure toward the East and with Battambang toward the South. Sisophorn is approximately 359 kilometers from Phnom Penh via national road 5.

Poipet, a town on the border between Thailand and Cambodia, is one of that province's most well-known attractions. It is the primary point of entry and exit between the two nations, and it is also a very popular gambling destination with a lot of casinos (gambling is popular in Thailand, but it is illegal). Thais can gamble in Cambodia without having to go through Cambodian immigration because there is a strip of casinos, guesthouses, and hotels between the Thai and Cambodian passport control counters. On the Thai side of the border, Poipet is adjacent to Aranya Pratet.

The majority of the province is covered by vast lowlands, with a few uplands to the north and east (approximately 6,679 sq/km). The primary waterways are the Mongkol Borei Stream and the Sisophon Waterway.

The complete populace is 816,382 or (5.242%) of the all out populace 14,363,519 in Cambodia (2007, common government information) with a development pace of 5.93 %, which is comprising of 402,201 male individual (49.11%), and 414,181 female individual (50.89%).

There are also 654, 033 farmers (93 percent), 8,228 fishermen (1.17 percent), 35,162 traders (5 percent), and 5,814 government employees (0.83 percent) among the above numbers.

The following is a list of the weather conditions:

Temperatures on average: 30C to 33C of rainfall: 885.30 mm/year
Vanishing: 4.41 mm/day from May through July, and 3.37 mm/day from August through October. Humidity: Hot and Wet
Wind speed: There are three distinct seasons: 3 m/s in May, 2.9 m/s in June, 2.5 m/s in July, and 3.1 m/s in August.
- The wet season: June through October (32 degrees Celsius): November through February (>27 degrees Celsius): Walk May : Temperature: from 27c - 34c

The territory's economy is 93% in light of cultivating and the excess other 7% depend on fishing and exchanging. The province's main industry is the casino industry, which is thriving because of its border with Thailand.

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